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Huntsville need sidewalks everywhere if there are none - make one. Children and adults are getting fatter or out of shape with so much driving. People in Europe and major cities are in healthly weight and toned because there are sidewalks everywhere. Not only that, it will be safer and less chance of car accidents. Please put sidewalks all over Huntsville and give our children healthier future, thanks.

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  1. I agree with sidewalks and also bike paths. This would involve moving ditches away from road edges but for safety sake the city and county should invoke Imminent Domain. Not all bike lanes need to be paved. Overpasses are great for the city but the health of our citizens is paramount and we should encourage bicycle transportation.

    1 year ago
  2. All schools should have sidewalks within a 2 mile radius. It used to be that you were not allowed bus service if you lived this close to a school and you were expected to walk...but how can you safely walk to school if there are no sidewalks??

    1 year ago
  3. In the recent 9 months, sidewalks are mentioned within other topics that included California Street & the Parkway.

    At the time, it looked as though the historic district was the main purpose of imaginehuntsville.com

    So, I presented the sidewalk idea within the context of old, protected buildings.

    Another person mentioned sidewalks in a different, related topic.

    Here's an earlier sidewalk topic:

    "Most of California Street is lined with residences. There is the neighborhood school and the hospital.

    Both sides of California have dangerously narrow sidewalks and this is an active pedestrian area for people of all ages.

    Finding a safe level area for walking, running or bicycling typically involves having to cross or to use California Street to continue onto the other level areas of the neighborhood.

    The west side is designated perhaps mainly historic homes. The east side has other older homes from the early 1900's. Some are from the 60's.

    Whatever the historic designation, or decade of the home, this is a high-use pedestrian area that is particularly unsafe all along California: the narrow walks are unusable and the traffic is heavy and fast moving.

    I would like to begin with installing pedestrian use signs all along California and then restoring the sidewalks for full use and for safety.

    Thanks to "solecize" for writing a comment.

    I would like the California Street topic re-opened. It is the pedestrian area that surrounds a designated historic area and many other old homes. Crossing or using any part of California Street is simply unsafe for pedestrians."

    Thanks, laurabeth280.

    1 year ago
  4. I dont know what the city requires as far as sidewalks in new developments but it should be a requirement for all new developments to have sidewalks in front of residences and businesses.

    1 year ago
  5. Yes, my older neighborhood has practically no sidewalks. While the streets are pretty wide, I would prefer to walk with my kids on a sidewalk. Also, there are several shopping centers nearby, but no safe way to walk there. There are no safe walkways across south parkway and the one time I tried to use the provided crosswalk I was nearly hit by a turning car!

    Provide some walkways from neighborhoods to shopping centers AND educate drivers.

    1 year ago

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