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Club Soccer All Under One Umbrella Controlled by the City

Club vs Club: I can't tell you how much it has hurt our players development when each club is pulling and splitting our talent among the different entities. Our players can't fully develop and compete against the best in other regions of the South when the talent is split, we just don't have those type of numbers. With an outside director being hired and the city having control of the fields why don't we force everyone to come together. If you want to play club soccer on a city field it has to be from with our program or find private land to start their own.

With an outside director we can be assured that they will not have bias on hiring the best coaches to participate.


To do this the right way we need to only have one board under one umbrella that is interested in all of our kids. We need to stop fighting and working against each other as the only people who lose are the children in the community.



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