Preserving Historic Buildings

Condos - nono

I disagree about the condos thing. While it might help folks MOVE there (those that can afford it), it won't help the downtown area become more pedestrian unless there's something to go TO. Right now, and handful of smoky bars and old hardware stores is not a *draw* for downtown. I recommend freeing up some space for shops, retail and otherwise, and restaurants.


Most of the restaurants there are pretty pricey and the bars don't open til late anyhow. Can we please get some different flavor other than the same chef having 4 different restaurants in walking distance of one another with similar menus? And none of them are really ethnic or highly different...


If someone with a few bucks was smart, they'd parcel out the old Heritage club and lease 5 different businesses/bars/etc on that street level to have more to actually make DT a destination for something other than just night life...



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