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Climbing Gym at First National Bank on Jefferson St.

This might be an entirely delusional idea and quite selfishly motivated as well; however, Huntsville is due for its very own climbing gym to attract advanced, intermediate, and beginner climbers. With only one small climbing gym that is located on South Parkway and no plans of expansion while the climbing community in Huntsville grows, a climbing gym in the heart of Huntsville is not the most impractical of ideas.


For those unaware, we are just right down the road from the number one outdoor climbing mecca in the country, Chattanooga, that has 3 climbing gyms. Nashville, Birmingham and even Atlanta all house at least one or more state-of-the-art climbing gyms. C'mon Huntsville, the bandwagon isn't that bad!


Climbing is a sport that ANYONE can enjoy from 4-years-old to 80-years-old (I can prove it). It promotes health and fitness as well. Individuals, young people, families and children would be encouraged to venture downtown to climb. Memberships, day passes, and all types of events and fundraisers could be implemented through the climbing gym. It could be more than just a place to climb but a community crag to hang out and attract groups of people downtown for extended periods of time. Restaurants and outdoor shops would be in demand as well. If you already have the audience downtown, businesses would be more likely to open up shop surrounding the climbing gym.


Check out the local climbing gyms in our surrounding cities, and see how they are crawling with customers, community and of course, climbing!



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