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The placement of Walmart should remain at Drake Avenue

Any other placement of any Walmart within the 35801 area would be quite a disturbance.


The small Walmart on Drake is fine where it is and it should not be shuffled somehwere else within this prime area. We do not, absolutely not, need a huge Walmart in the central Huntsville area.


It will be a disruption, an annoyance and a traffic nightmare. Nearby residents do not seem to want this huge discount store in or near their neighborhood.


The Walmart Corporation can do a lot to clean up and to refine, yes, I said refine, the existing small Walmart at Drake.


I would like the Walmart Stores, Inc. to put in the time and money investment to maintain a nicely kept Drake Avenue store and perish the thought of building an over-sized, inappropriate, unwanted dinosaur of a store any other place.


They have huge stores on South Parkway, North Parkway, University Drive, the Hampton Cove area and others in Madison. They're all around us. We do not need the clutter of congestion.


Enough already.


It would be wonderful for Walmart Stores Inc. to declare their properties smoke-free, openly display some care and attachment to the local area, get rid of the perpetually filthy carpet at the door, and generally do some things to encourage their patrons to behave in a civil manner. Post some fresh and humorous reminders to place chewing gum and any other litter into some clean waste cans. Place clean, well-kept, colorful waste cans in lots of places. Have a couple of uniformed security people inside and outside to dissuade people from smoking and littering.


Generally, Walmart Stores Inc can be an example of a well-kept neighborhood store in the central Huntsville area, by keeping it small.


Don't expand what they choose to poorly maintain already.


Really, Walmart does respond to requests.

Their numbers are 256-536-0315 and 479-273-4314.



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