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Complete The Greenway Paths and Connect Them

There is a wonderful set of planned greenways already drawn up. Unfortunately, only a fairly small percentage of them have actually been completed. If Huntsville were to complete the proposed greenways and connect them via some dedicated cycling corridors (or additional greenways) we could have a premiere biking/pedestrian infrastructure. Connecting this system to Research Park and other major areas of commerce like the Malls/Target/Walmart shopping areas and schools would open up the real possibility of being able to live in Huntsville without a car.


Another useful measure would be to create pedestrian/Bike friendly connections between the numerous culdesac neighborhoods that often make it impossible to bike around Huntsville without using roads that are always very busy. The fact they do not allow through traffic often makes them excellent areas to ride a bike, but you often can't get to them or connect them to create longer routes for the same reason. It is possible to make connections that are not useable by cars.



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