What's your favorite idea for Huntsville?

Create Bike path from Ditto Landing to Downtown

A municipal bike and walking path connecting the south-east neighborhoods to downtown would be used by thousands of Huntsvilleians. Restaurants, shopping, commuting, and parks would be accessible by bike and walking.


Across the nation, many cities are adding pedestrian trails next to their railroad tracks. And Huntsville has a perfect track for such a trail.


Lets get some of the Federal money set aside for alternative transportation and start designing and planning for such a route. Our track parallels the Memorial Parkway and offers so many interesting stopping points for our citizens.


Riding your bike to a Stars game would be possible. Park Place Mall would be another logical destination. Every business along Memorial Parkway would want this trail.


Such a pedestrian route would give Huntsville instant recognition among the young college new hires looking to settle into a progressive city, offering alternative transportation.


If you ever walk or ride our bike trails, you must vote yes for this idea.



43 votes
45 up votes
2 down votes
Idea No. 260