What's your favorite idea for Huntsville?

Mountian Biking!

Huntsville possesses a very unique asset that is being under utilized - a beautiful network of mountain bike trails within riding distance of Downtown! There are two things the city could do with relatively little cost and time. The third option would require significantly more work (approvals from state park???) but may be a next step.

1. Use one of the "Shuttle" buses or one of the tourist trolleys for a Mountain Bike Trolley on the weekend with stops at the courthouse square, Bankhead cut-off, and the state park itself. This will link outdoors activities on the Mountain with entertainment Downtown. How about a Monkeynaut after that ride?

2. Work with local Mountain Bike Community (SORBA, etc.) to promote the city as a destination and improve trails.

3. Work with the Internation Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) to significantly improve and add onto the existing trail system (check out what Anniston is doing - https://www.imba.com/ride-centers/current/coldwater-mountain).



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