What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Become Bike-Friendly the Right way

When we want to improve automobile traffic, we design a better roadway system. When we want to accommodate pedestrians, we install a pedestrian-friendly sidewalk system. So if we REALLY want to be a bike friendly community, we should plan and implement a network of connecting bike trails. Bikes do not belong on the roadways that are meant for automobile traffic with speeds upward of 30 mph. This is not a problem on sidestreets through neighborhoods, as trafic moves slower and is less frequent. However, bikes are both a hazard and a nuisance when riding on main roads where the speed limit is 35, 40, and even 45 mph. I recently even noticed a bike rider riding down highway 431 south from Monte Santo in the LEFT LANE going down the mountain. There are other states (Virginia is a great example) that do it right when it comes to providing miles of bike trails that do not interact with automobile traffic. If Huntsville really wants to get to the next level as a city, it needs to plan accordingly and accommodate bikers in a way that is safe for everyone.



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