What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Support small businesses, too

$4 million to move Belk across town and drive another nail in the coffin of Madison Square Mall

$3 million for Cabela's

$8 million for Whole Food

$14.5 million for Remington


Small businesses employ 50% of the private workforce and create 97% of all exports. They make over half of all retail sales, and 65% of net new jobs come from small businesses.


If the city can spend millions on big businesses that often pay at or near minimum wage and send their profits out of town instead of reinvesting in our community, why does the city not provide strong support for new and expanding locally owned businesses? Piling millions of dollars on large businesses makes it even harder for small businesses to compete on price.


If Huntsville wants to be truly business friendly, they need to be friendly to ALL businesses. I'd like to see Huntsville commit to incentivizing small businesses proportionate to the freebies they hand out to big businesses.



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