What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Tiny Houses

I would love to see a community of tiny houses in South Huntsville. I'd like to see well-designed homes in a lovely landscaped area on good size lots. Not the type that are built from reclaimed materials or squished in on top of each other or cookie cutter. Each home with its unique flavor but complementing each other. Not cutesy like doll houses nor junkie. These homes would be occupied by one or two people. I would love to see dog-friendly amenities outside such as paths, a watering hole, lots of shade and benches along the way, maybe even a fountain for the dogs to play in when its hot.

I think the zoning board needs to take some progressive action in the housing market. There aren't even any duplexes in Huntsville. You need to meet the needs of the people or they will leave.



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