What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Free Community Garden & gardening education center

It would be beneficial to not only the city & it's residents but the Earth as well. For far too long we have all been exposed to many chemicals in our foods without knowing what really goes into them. I feel it is a hit backwards that eating healthy is more costly than a balanced nutrient rich diet. We could have a designated building with property attached where our residents of Huntsville & surrounding areas could come to get education on what to plant, when, why, how etc... This would help put money back into our economy by allowing the local nurseries & garden supply stores a surge in business. It would also encourage people to start their own gardens at home. We could have volunteers of local gardeners come for instructional classes or to just help in the garden. Not only would we share the knowledge with each other we could have a place where we see the fruits of our labor sown into seeds of great reward. (Puns intended lol) This place could also partner with local schools, daycare centers, ymca/boys & girls clubs, church youth groups, after school programs & any other group where kids are already atrending & allow them to come work in the garden to get a hands on approach to growing their own food. Also, retirement homes would be great to partner with in this venture because people of all ages will benefit from healthier food. We could even have a social media presence to help spread the word & advertise classes, group planning projects, meetings etc. Through these social media outlets we could also implement a crowd sourced funding operation to help with maintenance costs & any other things that would be needed for upkeep. We could also open the store to sell our produce & bring money into the operation which would be able to drive sales through social media & local news outlets such as tv, radio & newspapers. Not only would we be eating better individually while sharing & gaining knowledge in the field, collectively we would be giving back to the Earth as She provides us with fruits, vegetables & other things grown right here in our own soil to help us prolong our lives & have fun while doing so!



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